GreenSogna is a Research and Development company and has started a high-tech business owned by AIST. 

We possess the fundamental technology of a plant’s transcription factor, which can be applied to any plant or industrial field related to them. This technology can meet the needs of industry as well as society in terms of environmental protection.

However, it is too much for us to take part in all the industrial fields related to a plant’s transfer factor, so we have set two business policies in order to be able to focus on our domain and improve our value.)

First, GreenSogna selects the domain to apply the technology in from the pulp, seed, pharmaceutical, and biomass industries, and develops it globally utilizing the latest information and risk management.     

Second, GreenSogna obtains good results in alliances with affiliated companies which think highly of our technology and sympathize with us because business tie-ups are the best strategy to efficiently improve the value of technical resources.

1. Our first principles are aimed at customers.

◇  Provide technologies and services of the highest level to customers.
◇  Mainly devote company revenues to R&D.
◇  Appropriately secure and preserve intellectual property.

2. Our second principles are aimed at our employees.

◇  Respect employees and treat them justly.
◇  Provide a safe and hygienic workplace for our employees.
◇  Aim at taking measures to improve the lives of our employees and their

3. Our third principles are aimed at our neighborhood and society, and the  
  natural environment.

◇  Cooperate with neighboring citizens and society, and provide security and
   safety for them.
◇  Carry out business with the belief that we can help reduce environmental

4. Our fourth principles are aimed at stockholders.

◇  Do our best to bear interest properly.
◇  Accumulate the appropriate capital to cope with any crisis’s.
◇  We believe dividends should only be paid to stockholders after having
   carried these out.

We believe firmly in being able to have stockholders back us up as these management philosophies are guidelines for our conduct in order to improve the company’s value.