Our company recognizes the importance of personal information and is carrying out the following measures.

1. Our company is making the suitable management for the executive responsibility person who is dealing with the information about an individual perform.

2. When allowed to acquire a coustomer's personal information, I will specify the use purpose clearly and will acquire the personal information on the required range.

3. Our company manages appropriately the personal information I was allowed to acquire from a coustomer, and does not do offer, any indication, etc. to any third persons other than the company which got consent.

4. Our company observes the statute and norm which are applied about the personal information which our company holds. Moreover, the measure in each above-mentioned item is improved suitably, and it improves.


Tohru Yasumoto (President & CEO)

Please tell us the inquiry about personal-information-management organization, various procedure, etc. from an E-mail window.

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